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In state of emergency with the broken child safety precautions infringement " is available;

In Nizhni Tagil trial upon state of emergency which has occurred in the end of the past week on a grief « proceeds; the Bear - a stone ». There, during commemorating of Day of health on an extreme attraction « the Russian coil » the child was not lost nearly (see « In Nizhni Tagil on an extreme attraction the sixth-grader » has broken;) . Daniel has rolled down from a rock on the rope tense abruptly downwards, but the instructor have below appeared are not ready to meet him. Insuring had not time to prepare so-called « a trap » (brake mechanism) - as a result the child on all speed ran into a tree. Now it is in resuscitation 9 - j hospitals in a coma.

Now the community of sportsmen - ekstremalov (rock-climbers, climbers, tourists) actively discusses this tragedy. The people constantly dealing with ropes and climbing equipment, assort a situation on stones. As it was found out, the instructor standing below on a glade, has whistled to draw attention of children. Its colleague who was above, on a rock and fastened the child to « krutonaklonnoj to a crossing » (so correctly is called this exercise in tourist sports), has conceived whistle as otmashku (a signal about readiness) and has released the boy.   as has led to tragedy.  

Here so looks the Russian coil .
the Photo: Anatoly Dolgovyh.

- infringement of safety precautions regulations Is available: brake system below not was it is ready to reception of the person, - the expert &ndash makes comments; the employee Regional poiskovo - saving group, the candidate for the master of sports on tourism and the rescuer 2 classes Ilya Donja. – Plus inconsistency of actions of instructors – letting out and accepting. Probably, they have not fulfilled in advance system of commands. But the most important thing – organizers have not provided any emergency, reserve system of the insurance (braking).

According to the rescuer, in the end of a rope there should be one more brake mechanism (for example, a carbine delayed by a rope to other support) which would work anyway and irrespective of actions of people.  

On a broader scale, rescuers tell that on similar mass actions when children or unprepared adults take part in extreme entertainments, traumas – not a rarity.

- the Burnt hands, the pulled out hair which has tightened in a carbine – frequent enough phenomena all it, unfortunately, - Ilya Donja tells. – Quite often there are also more serious traumas. All – From - for disregards safety precautions or from - that such attractions fans, instead of professionals will organise.