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On roads of the Perm edge there were new bus stops

All this year on regional highways have put 8 bus stops. Their arrangement is almost finished and to the termination of a repair season new objects will open on 75 and 83 km of a line of Polazna – CHusovoj (d. Kopalno and d. Kalino), 218 and 219 km of road Kungur - Solikamsk (Kizel), 39 km of road Perm - Ust - Rolling (d. Petrjahino), 27 and 30 km of a line Chernovsky - gr. Udmurtiyas (d. Vahrino and d. Fox in Bolshesosnovsky area) and on 16 km of road Kukushtan - Tchaikovsky (summer residences in the Perm area).

- For building of stopping complexes from the regional budget it has been allocated by 13,87 million roubles, - have informed in a city administration of Perm.

At formation of the list of sites where stopping complexes will be equipped, different indicators are considered.

- In attention references of citizens, orders of deputies of Legislative Assembly of the Perm edge, opinion of heads of municipal areas are accepted. Besides it the object should correspond to norms SNiP, traffic regulations and schemes of territorial planning of the Perm edge, - have explained in road agency of the Perm edge.