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In Russia there were sports doctors and trainers - doctors

have disappeared - Year for FMBA was difficult enough, because from wheels it was necessary to organise set of standard problems including to develop and accept standard base on to the Order of rendering of medical aid at carrying out sports and sports meroprijatijaj - Vladimir Ujba has told.

Than this document - at last is good - that duty regulations of the sports doctor are defined. As a matter of fact there was this post, earlier there was a trainer - the doctor. And this concept was enough slozhnoemkoe. It meant by itself everything, the former sportsmen could be it even.

At sportivongo the doctor there will be a whole book, with the developed expounding of various problems of the sportsman and recommendations how to treat various lacks and to deduce the sportsman on peak of its sports form.

have now passed physical examination of 8300 sportsmen. The next year will be even heavier, it will be actually Preolympic, preparing sportsmen to London. To sportsmen the strengthened medical inspection (UMO) will be spent, and they should receive a verdict - it is admitted to competitions . And all verdicts after UMO will be brought in the book of a physical status which will be is at sportivonogo the doctor.

Than still well given the Order - the majority of selection competitions are moved in subjects of Federation. And thanks to this document doctors who trace health of sportsmen, both regional and federal, will be well informed about all traumas and illnesses of the sportsman at all stages.