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Murmansk historians and statisticans have taken part in a monography writing

From this year in Russia the people working in area statisticans, will celebrate twice the professional feast - on September, 20th and on October, 20th. The first day has been declared   the order of Rosstata. And it concerns exclusively to sew to the country. The second - the resolution of General assembly of the United Nations. Also it is already world feast.

Today head Murmanskstata Vyacheslav of Frosts has congratulated on such event of colleagues.

- the Bright example nuzhnosti statisticans - population census. New government programs of development both in social sphere, and in economy sphere should become its results, - Vyacheslav Nikolaevich speaks. - the Main task - to make life of Russians it is better, to lift its quality.

Just the monography presentation has been dated for this day « Statistican Severo - the West: history and the present ». A considerable quantity of researchers worked On it. And over chapter devoted to the Polar region, employees of Murmanskstata and national history stand peduniversiteta (nowadays is a Murmansk state humanitarian university, and stand and it is at all liquidated owing to reorganisation) worked.

- the Given project has begun in 2007. At last we have reached an ending point - have got this work, - the doctor of historical sciences Alexey Voronin has exacted a promise. - we involved In work on head of the monography also students. We long searched for necessary approaches. There were complexities, there were discussions about that and that actually we want to receive on an exit. On a broader scale our statistical body very small on the history - office work begins since 1921. Here again a huge role our known researcher, regional specialist Vasily Kondratevich Alymov has played. Within several years he headed statistics bodies. But it does not mean at all that the statistical data until then did not gather. As a matter of fact since 16 centuries we can say that on Kola peninsula there is a work on gathering of such information. It, for example, the same censuses. However, they were other character. Earlier, more likely, it was found out, how much it is possible to collect taxes.

As a result all who worked on head of the monography devoted to the Polar region, have found out that at all stages of the development statistical bodies provided with the necessary information as economy, and the power.

- I Will tell without false modesty that an editorial board of this edition, having estimated quality of the prepared materials, recognised that the most interesting is we, - Vyacheslav Morozov has added.