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The Chelyabinsk doctors have saved life to the kid with a heart disease

physicians have established Defect of a small heart, when the kid was not born yet. Illness have noticed, when mum of the child has come to do the next ultrasonic. But the woman have calmed: doctors will cope with this illness, and the kid will live.

When the child was born, it was waited already by a brigade of experts: kardiohirurg, reanimatolog and the doctor of ultrasonic - diagnostics. They have confirmed the bad diagnosis. And though the child was born donoshennym, with good weight, itself breathed and ate, without medicines he could not live and three days. Therefore from maternity home it have sent in resuscitation of the Chelyabinsk regional children`s clinical hospital. Here physicians supported its status, and in two days have performed operation, it has passed successfully. After some months one more is necessary to the boy. Now the child is on the device of artificial ventilation of lungs in branch of resuscitation and intensive therapy CHODKB.

— every year in the Chelyabinsk area is born about 300 children with heart diseases. However pathologies which demand intervention literally during the first hours life, meet infrequently, — admitted « in a press - service of the Chelyabinsk regional clinical hospital.

Rescuing this kid, doctors CHODKB have once again confirmed the high professionalism.