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Doctors I will be arranged under a busy schedule of sportsmen that them in details to examine

- the system deepened medtsinskih surveys (UMO) professional sportsmen is Now accurately built. We will need to spend UMO 8300 sportsmen, which uchavstvujut in mezhdunrodnyh and odlimpijskih competitions. Are for this purpose involved 10 federal medical centres in various regions.

For example that sportsmen on rowing will survey in Krasnoyarsk where they train. After all at them so a busy schedule what easier and more correctly not to drive them in one certain day, and to arrange medical inspections under them.

During UMO 20 experts looking at a state of health of sportsmen. At federal level the survey schedule professioanlnyh the sportsmen entering into an Olympic team and other national teams whom I will be uchavstvovat in the international competitions, is already defined.

the Plan of optimisation of work of activity with regional sportsmen is painted for three years, will be korretikrovatsja, otsmatrivatsja and so on. FMBA will supervise work with surveys of sportsmen. And further will depend directly on subjects of Federation - if the subject is careless in relation to performance accepted the Order of carrying out of sport actions es it is wrong to organise medical aid at sports actions, FMBA will take measures.