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The driver of the Kargasoksky fast loved dashing driving

- the Driver « fast » it was not drunk, - Paul Sbyshko, the head of investigatory management of Investigatory committee on the Tomsk region has told on the report at the governor. - but it is characterised as the master of dashing driving. Its colleagues and relatives always said that it goes very quickly.

Now the driver is under a subscription about nevyezde.

the Consequence also checks boarding school work where there lived the suffered girls. The corresponding estimation will be given an establishment management.

Governor of the region Victor Kress, in turn, has noticed that it is necessary to check more carefully the people working in militia.

- At people the impression about permissiveness of militiamen starts to develop, - the head of region has told. - it is necessary to reveal potentially careless employees. And at selection of employees – to learn public opinion, especially in villages. Perhaps, the guarantee to think up, that for employed, someone could be charged.

And in collectives now, probably, will start to give more attention to a psychological climate

- I understand the private responsibility for an event, - the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Tomsk region Igor Mitrofanov has declared. - the Situation in the Department of Internal Affairs difficult, heads are stifled by the happened. We as though have seen the militiaman. It is necessary to look, how there live people, at whom what bents. And more it is necessary to create intolerance in collective to any infringements.

we Will remind, on Tuesday on October, 19th in village Kargasok of the Tomsk region the drunk militiaman has brought down four schoolgirls. One of them has not suffered, two were traumatised, and the fourth, Dasha Nesterov, was lost. However, while it is not clear, whom will accuse of death of the girl. Dashu has cast away on the road middle, and on it has still driven « Fast » called on a place of accident.