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Cholera flash to Haiti: 135 persons

On island Haiti were lost the largest flash of an acute infectious disease - a cholera has inflamed.

On podchschetam physicians, 135 persons were lost at least, 1,5 thousand inhabitants of the island state have thus caught still almost.
We confirm 135 death and 1498 patients, suffering affliction with strong frustration of a chair. According to results of laboratory analyses, it is a cholera - the president of association of doctors of Haiti Claude Surena has declared.
the Head of Ministry of Health of Haiti doctor Gabriel Timote has noticed that now with symptoms unknown while infectious disease in the suffered regions Haiti 600 persons are hospitalised. He has noticed that the first case of disease has been registered past Tuesday.
the Victim of a horrible disease which have not received in time the help of doctors, perish during two - four hours after occurrence of the first symptoms.
Timote also that already conduct laboratory researches with which help physicians should establish precisely the reason of death of Haitians, passes RIA News .