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The Chechen judoist in Africa zabronzovel

Almost 600 young men and girls about 20 years from 78 states are elderly has collected in the Moroccan city of Agadir superiority of the world on a judo. In the eminent company the Russian fighters have not got lost. In the first day of competitions on African tatami our compatriots have won two medals, one of them the Chechen expert of cuttings and captures has merited.

In a weight category to 60 kgs honour of national colours was protected by Jakub Shamilov. The champion of Europe, the owner of the Cup of Europe following the results of a starting duel has sent to pack suitcases « bronze » the prize-winner of continental superiority of Vugara Shirinli from Azerbaijan, then has on the first-come, first-served basis prevailed against Romanian Lazju Remusa and Japanese Kiosuke Nisio, but in a quarterfinal argunets has made way on a pedestal of Iljasu Izmagilovu from Kazakhstan. In « consolatory » To fight of Jakub Shamilov already on the third minute has defeated the opponent from Armenia Arutyunyan`s Mount – also has received « bronze ».

the Medal of similar worthiness was won legkoves from Labinsk by Zaur Kalashaov (to 55 kg). Stavropolets Aram Grirorjan showing the skills in the same category, has closed the five of the best. Six more North Caucasians are ready to enter struggle for awards of Mundialja for young. To flash skill on « Black » continent two intend stavropoltsa: the inhabitant of Nevinnomyssk Yana Pertseva (over 78 kg) and the fighter from Mihajlovska Alexey Kazachkov (to 100 kg), and also a trio vladikavkaztsev: Arsene Tolasov (to 66 kg), Alan Betanov and Aslan Lappinagov (both – to 73 kg) and the Ingush heavyweight Alihan Dzarmotov (to 100 kg).