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In the Swedish city of Malmyo the maniac - the single shot again at immigrants

the Swedish city of Malmyo on - former remains the most restless place in the country, where « shoot » immigrants.

the Local police investigates potential communication between wound of two women on Thursday evening, on October, 21st, with other similar incidents.

From the beginning of this year in a city it is made almost fifty crimes with fire-arms application. Is killed and wounded men. In all cases shot in the dark, all a victim of crimes - immigrants.

Now in Malmyo passes a press - police conference.

It is supposed that the bullet which has easily wounded one woman in a back, has touched with a ricochet a hand of the second, sitting next with it. Both victims have been taken to hospital. The woman with back wound is written out, by the second will do operation. One of the suffered women of 26 years, the second 34 years. Both of them immigrants.

On one of police versions, for всеми16 shots in persons with not Swedish appearance costs   the maniac, the criminal - the single.

we Will remind that Malmyo - the third on size a city of Sweden. In it there live nearby 300 000 persons from whom 30 % - immigrants, inform the Swedish radio.