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The expert: the Main task of visit of Medvedev to Turkmenistan - gas agreements

the Power question becomes key during a today`s meeting Dmitry Medvedev and its Turkmen colleague to Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedova . The Russian leader has arrived to Turkmenistan with working visit overnight. Negotiations will pass on the bank of Caspian sea in the city of Turkmenbashi. Besides interaction in toplivno - power sphere, the parties plan to discuss cooperation in agrarian sector and transport branch. Thus the main task of president Medvedev - to take out scales of mutual relations in power on qualitatively new level. Such is opinion of the director It is information - the analytical centre of the Moscow State University on studying of the post-Soviet territory of Alexey Vlasova.

- Since Saparmurata Niyazov Turkmenistan never refused to large players or representatives of national corporations in signing of contracts on literally immense gas deposits of Turkmenistan. Therefore, of course, it is a question number one. Number two – it is an interaction subject in agrarian sector. Here too is about what to talk, eat possibilities for coordination and integration. The third moment. Normal, good, close partner relations with this country – one of keys to that positions of Russia in tsentralnoaziatskom region were strong and steady.

we Will remind, it already Dmitry Medvedev`s fourth visit to Turkmenistan.