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In Komi for days has occurred three fires

In territory of Komi for yesterday there were three fires in which has suffered three men.

in the Morning on October, 21st in Priluzsky area on 589 km of a federal highway Cheboksary — Syktyvkar was burnt down by a sentry box. In it was 19 - the summer guy whom hospitalised with burns of the person and brushes of hands of 3 degrees.

This very day, in settlement of city type Parma that in Usinsk in territory of country community « Rjabinushka » the private wooden bath has lighted up. podarnye have arrived to the place of kindling in four minutes after a call. They have rescued the owner of a bath — 56 - the summer man. It have taken away in hospital with burns of a body, the person and hands 1 - 2 degrees. Except it from a burning bath have rescued also the second man — 53 - h years. It also hospitalised. The structure has been hurt by fire on the area of 20 square metres. Infringement of fire prevention rules at furnace operation became the kindling reason.

in the Evening in Syktyvkar the sawing shop along the street 1 - I Industrial Chovju in a place has lighted up. Ognebortsy in a current 4 - h hours liquidated a fire. Fire has hurt internal premises of shop on the area of 100 squares. 8 units of fire technics have been involved in suppression. Presumably as the kindling reason casual handling of fire could serve. Now the originator of a fire is established.