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The luxury more well

I becomes simply assured that representatives of a perfect half of Saratov on worthiness will estimate this event. « ORHIDEJA » is the first multibrendovyj hypersalon in Russia, and it is difficult to disagree with it. Really, already today floor spaces of this refined salon represent on a choice of customers production more than twenty famous world manufacturers. And it as it was found out, yet a limit.

- On behalf of all women of our city it would be desirable to tell words of gratitude to Andrey Ivanovichu Prijme, the president of the company « ORHIDEJA » for the active help at salon creation. In the nearest future we expect receipt of the goods from our suppliers from Spain, Italy and Baltic, - the mistress of salon « tells; ORHIDEJA » Alfija Kupaeva. - And I want to notice that our salon works with suppliers only directly that allows us to offer perfect ladies production at the prices, is considerable below many other Saratov salons of a similar direction.

It is necessary to add that all goods delivered in « ORHIDEJA » - only factory European manufacture that in itself is a guarantee of authenticity and quality linen.

Certainly to describe a charm and refinement of underwear - employment ungrateful. It is necessary to see it simply.

As to availability of all this magnificence it is necessary to make a reservation that in « ORHIDEJA » besides underwear, we will tell so, an average segment - high-quality production at the reasonable prices, - it is presented also the VIP - a collection. In a separate hall, under bewitching aroma of coffee, perfect ladies can pick up to themselves absolutely exclusive models.

Besides, in salon « ORHIDEJA » customers can choose linen and for the « halves ». And man`s assortment also will be in the nearest future considerable to extend.

And to us, expensive readers, it is necessary to remember only the address where it is possible to see all these perfect temptations: Saratov, street Rahova, 15/ 31 (a corner Shelkovichnoj), ph. 8 (8452) 20 - 11 - 32.