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Profiteers are sold by the house for four million dollars

the Legendary dancer and the ballet master Michael Baryshnikov has exposed on sale the house in vicinities of New York for four millions dollars.  

the Two-storeyed private residence constructed in a XIX-th century, a total area 539 kv metres on river bank Hudson includes six bedrooms, five bathrooms and one toilet with a laver.  
the House is located in a county of Roklend on a site by the area of 0,4 hectares. The dancer has lived there about 30 years with the spouse, the former dancer of ballet by Lizoj Rajnhart and three children.
For these years we have actually doubled the size of the house - has told Rajnhart in interview The Wall Street Journal.  
Two children of a couple of Baryshnikovyh study in college, and soon and the third son will leave native Penates. Therefore the ballet master with the wife also have decided to get over in the house more cosy - in the huge house together will live not absolutely comfortably.
Baryshnikovyh also have a city apartment on Manhattan where five years ago the dancer has opened the Center of arts.