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In Primorski Krai have denounced the director that has run into debt to the workers

the Next head have exposed in our corner of the world. It has appeared that the former director of Open Company « VICK » under the fictitious agency contract has founded limited liability company « KEP ». The second enterprise was required that on its bill to translate it over four millions roubles which belonged to Open Company « VICK ». The right to it at the enterprising director was not, after all it was not the proprietor.

- In   result of its criminal acts to 39 workers of Open Company « VICK » within several months did not pay a salary in the sum over 800 000 roubles, - has told   Elena Telegin, the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of Primorski Territory

After public prosecutor`s check have sent business in court. And the sentence has not kept waiting long for itself.

- Court, having agreed with opinion of the state accuser, qualified actions of the defendant on set of the crimes provided by articles « salary nonpayment » and « the swindle made in especially large size » - Elena Telegin has told.

Yesterday to the unfair head the court has appointed punishment - 6 years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period 3 years.