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In Bashkiria to pensioners sold medical a miracle - the device at the price six times more expensively, than it costs

On traditional trustfulness of pensioners the company « has decided to earn; medintel ». Basically they worked in Ufa and Sterlitamak. Workers of this firm suggested older persons to buy a certain medical super device « Ulpraton » which cures absolutely of all illnesses.

Thus cost named transcendental for poor pensioners – it is more than 20 thousand roubles. But there and then made a reservation:

- We work under the federal program. Therefore for you the state has already paid from the budget of 80 percent of cost of the device. You needed to bring the rest – 20 percent.

And joyful pensioners bore money – from four to five thousand. Many gave the last. Actually given device cost all - that about 700 roubles. That is sold it six times more!

- Happened even such that it was possible to these sellers to sell on two and even three devices per customer. The firm net profit made about five millions roubles a month, – has told « » the head of department on struggle against economic crimes of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Bashkiria Yury Chernitsev.

Under the version of the investigation, sellers learnt to receptions of psychological processing of citizens that they processed trusting older persons more effectively. While 100 victims are established. But, judging by accounting documents of firm, such people can be much more – more than two and a half thousand persons!

While ten employees of this company are detained. If you became a victim of firm « medintel » also have bought a miracle - the device « Ulpraton » will phone about it in militia « 02 » or by phone droverija the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Bashkiria « 128 ».