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IzhAvto will reduce term of delivery of cars

the Izhevsk car factory reduces shipment term Lada - 2104 and Izh - 27175 to the dealer companies which sell cars within the limits of the recycling program. And at once till 14 days, informs « avtostat ». Today term of shipment from finished goods warehouse makes 60 days.
- the similar initiative is directed first of all on interaction acceleration between the manufacturer and the buyer, – Victor Lashkarev,   has told ; the deputy director on marketing and coordination metarialno - technical supply, the chief of the centre of situation analysis . – Thus, the consumer has a real possibility to get the Izhevsk cars under the recycling program practically without turns and additional delays.

By data avtostata the price Lada - 2104 Varies from 204 to 213 thousand roubles depending on a complete set. The van price Izh - 27175 – 217 thousand roubles.

the Prices are specified without taking into account utilizatsionnoj to the award.