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Krasnoyarsk citizens with old international passports can not start up in the countries shengena

What international passport to issue: old (it is cheaper) or the new sample? Over this question everyone who decides to issue this document reflects, for certain. Especially for the first time. The chief of department of registration of international passports UFMS of Russia across Krasnoyarsk region Antonina Sorokin considers that at registration of the old passport, it is necessary to learn first of all, a leah will start up with it in the country where you are going to go.

- we already had cases when Krasnoyarsk citizens did not start up abroad with passports of the old sample, - has told « Antonina Aleksandrovna. – Name concrete the countries I cannot, but I know that it were the states, for entrance in which the Schengen visa is required.

However if to count all expenses,   the old passport will manage even more expensively, than new. Look. For registration old the state duty 1   is required; 000 roubles and 250 roubles for photos. It will operate a maximum 4,5 years (in the majority of the countries do not let in, if period of validity of the passport less than 6 months). Further you will need to spend 1 more   250 roubles. Total for 9 years you two times awake to legalise papers and will spend 2   500 roubles. The state duty for registration new passport 2   500 roubles, including a photo, do it directly in department UFMS. It Also will operate 9, 5 years. Besides, experts consider that next year passports of the old sample on a broader scale can cancel.