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In Russia have let out 1000 - the rouble gold coin devoted to Voronezh

To 425 - to summer anniversary of Voronezh which is marked next year, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation has let out collection coins in a series « Russian History military - marine sea fleet ». On anniversary money the first Russian battle ship « is represented; Goto Predestinatsija » constructed on the Voronezh shipyard Peter the Great.

Coins face value in 1000 roubles are made of gold most by the highest - 999 - j - tests. Tysjacherublevka in diameter from the obverse and turnaround parties the acting edging has 50 mm on a circle. On coin face sheet in a circle framed busovym obodkom, the relief image of an emblem of Bank of Russia - a two-headed eagle with the lowered wings, under it an inscription a semicircle " is located; BANK of Russia and on a circle - ONE THOUSAND ROUBLES and year of stamping - 2010 . Between these inscriptions alloy test, a trade mark of the Moscow mint and weight of precious metal in cleanliness (155,5 grammes) are put down a metal designation on Periodic system of elements of Mendeleyev.

On the back coins are located relief images of a battle ship and an element of registration of sea charts - a wind rose. Above on a circle there is an inscription GOTO predestinatsija .

the Lateral surface of a coin the corrugated.

All on November, 1st such anniversary coins 500 pieces are let out. They are lawful means of payment in all territory of the country. But hardly someone will use gold tysjacherublevki to destination. Most likely, they become subjects of collections of numismatists.

In the reference will arrive such 500 coins.
a photo: from a site cbr. ru