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Cold November inhabitants of Vladivostok will have a way to be warmed

From November, 15 till November, 20th in Vladivostok will pass the first city festival of social dances.

In Vladivostok communities of the people dancing so-called social dances, have started to appear about five years ago. The club of the Argentina tango, after it &mdash became the first; flamenco club. There are in our city the clubs, uniting admirers salsy and hastl. This year it was weekly possible to observe open parties of the last in the summer.

For popularisation of social dances within the limits of a film festival Meridians Silent began annual tradition to spend dancing parties Step by step ».

Today representatives of all clubs have decided to unite and hold the first city festival of social dances « Vladivostok, I love you ». From November, 15 till November, 20th at a cinema Ocean Films about such dancing directions as a tango, hastl and salsa, and dancing clubs before display will please spectators with the incendiary performances will be shown. Visitors and Cuba will make festival of Argentina twice interesting and intriguing!