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Saratovets has finished with the offender of the sister in Day of reconciliation and the consent

state of emergency has occurred on November, 4th in Piteke. That day the company from friends has gathered cheerfully to spend time. Here only the feast has ended tragically. The young man of one of guests very much tried to achieve universal respect. That is why all the evening long from it threats to visitors were strewed. When brawler its girlfriend, the man, at last, has tried to show the door, and, at all, was got and has given the girl a slap in the face. Unfortunately, the brother saratovchanki became the witness of educational process. Last has there and then interfered. Under the version of the investigation, in it the moment fight also was fastened. After some minutes of men have taken away on different corners, however, when the offender of the sister has lost vigilance, the young man has run up to it and has struck a knife in a neck. The victim has died almost at once.

- One of these days « the defender of sisterly honour » has been taken into custody. Now he expects court, - has told to the correspondent « » and. An island of the head New Uzensky mezhrajnnogo investigatory department Peter Kharlamov. - in case the fault of the man will be proved, to it threatens till 15 years of imprisonment.