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In Kabardino - Balkarii the girl having given birth to the baby, has put it in a metal butt and has pinned up vilami

criminal case upon murder of the newborn child in Baksansky area Kabardino - Balkarii is brought, and more one dead newborn child is found out in the city of Nartkale of Urvansky area of republic.

in the Morning on November, 11th 19 - the summer unmarried inhabitant of settlement Kishpek of Baksansky area has given birth at itself in the house of the boy, then has put it in the metal butt standing in a kitchen garden, and has pinned up vilami, - the representative of investigatory management SKP has informed on Friday the Russian Federation on KBR. On the given fact criminal case under item 106 (murder by mother of the newborn child) the criminal code of Russian Federation is brought. now the woman in hospital, at it complication after the delivery. After an extract from hospital concerning it necessary investigatory actions " will be spent; - representative SKP has told.

One more dead newborn is found out in the morning on Friday in   the city of Nartkale. As representative SKP has informed, the body of the newborn girl was revealed about 10 o`clock in the morning   in a garbage tank in the street Borukaeva in Nartkale.   On the given fact the Russian Federation on KBR is spent by Urvansky interdistrict investigatory department of SOU SKP dosledstvennaja check.