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The euro - will become stronger, dollar - oslabnet

- On Friday we expect enough the quiet auctions in the currency markets in view of that there are no important macroeconomic publications, and a recognition Ireland necessity of financial injections for national economy still is in a discussion stage, - the Analyst of company NETTRADER predicts. ru Alexander Babajkin. - refuse financing and Spain and Portugal. The oil prices since the morning were corrected, however, show a small rebound from local levels of support. The euro exchange rate concerning rouble in this connection can show today small growth, thus the mark 42,5 rbl. which is local level of resistance in given currency will be tested. Support level on - former remains around a mark 42,3 rbl. the Dollar exchange rate today can show small decrease against the evolved oil prices, however current levels of support in area 30,9 and 31,00 rub, we believe, will be saved.

the Currency auctions on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange on Thursday have passed, predictably, with increase of a course of the uniform European currency which have added following the results of trading session of 9,7 copecks, having made on a result 42,4345 rbl. the Dollar exchange rate on spotovyh the auctions has lost 32,76 copecks, having gone down in area of level of support 31 rbl., and has made on the end of trading session 31,0549 rbl. At the auctions with calculations « for tomorrow » the euro exchange rate has added 8,68 copecks, having made on the end of day 42,4011 rbl. the Dollar exchange rate thus has gone down for 23,76 copecks and has made 31,1197 rbl. Cost bivaljutnoj baskets has shown rouble strengthening, having lost by the end of day of 21,67 copecks, and has made thus 36,0831 rbl.

the Currency auctions in market Forex on Thursday have passed with increase of an euro exchange rate concerning dollar, thus, predictably, the euro exchange rate left in area of a mark of $1,365 then has passed in the consolidation limited to levels of $1,36 - 1,365. The given consolidation has passed against a recognition the Irish officials of necessity of financing of bank system of the country, the concrete sum, however has not been sounded. Today`s Asian session as is characterised by lateral dynamics in the range marked earlier, however, we believe, the dollar again will go down today, thus the nearest purpose for movement will be the level of resistance located around a mark of $1,37. The auctions will pass easy enough in view of enough poor news background – today in Germany value of an index of the industrial prices for October will be published. Besides it performance of head FRS of Ben Bernanke is expected.