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The jealous husband who has killed student VVAGS, accuse of threats to parents of the lost girl

- In N.Novgoroda`s Soviet area concerning accused of murder of student Volgo - Vjatsky academy of civil service criminal cases on threat by murder are raised, - informs investigatory department on N.Novgoroda`s Soviet area of investigatory management of Investigatory committee on the Nizhniy Novgorod region. -     concerning accused on criminal case upon murder of student Volgo - Vjatsky academy of public service, it is raised three criminal cases on p.1 item 119 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (threat by murder or causing of heavy harm to health).

we Will remind, about 12 hours on October, 20th 26 - summer Oleg Korjagin, has come in Volgo - Vjatsky academy of public service and there in a corridor has killed the wife, the student 5 courses.  

on October, 23rd 2010 Korjaginu are brought accusation in the commission of crime, provided p.1 the item 105 criminal codes of Russian Federation (murder) which completely recognised the fault. Concerning the accused the preventive punishment in the form of imprisonment is selected.

In   a course of investigation it has been established that   the man after fulfilment of murder of the girl by it, has contacted her parents, and subsequently and acquaintances. It threatened all with murder.

investigatory actions and operatively - the search actions directed on an establishment of all circumstances of perfect crimes Now are spent. Criminal case investigation proceeds.