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The management of the companies of labour pension insurance of Finland will receive huge awards

For directors of the largest companies of labour pension insurance of Finland « Varma » and « Ilmarinen » work has appeared literally « a gold mine ».

As the influential newspaper « passes; Helsingin Sanomat » in the companies, along with old system of compensations, have countenanced new system of payment of bonuses to the bosses.

Earlier the extra charge to the basic salary of chief executives « Varma » and « Ilmarinen » made 50 - 75 % a year. The new system allows to increase the salary of directors on 65 - 130 % a year.

By data « Helsingin Sanomat » directors of the companies of labour pension insurance receive bonuses in spite of the fact that investment activity of the given enterprises has appeared recently unprofitable.

the Trustee « Varma » the vice-president of the Central association of trade unions of Finland SAK Matti Huutola considers strange that the company management receives awards though activity of the enterprises admits unprofitable. Nevertheless, Huutola does not consider system of compensations of the company « Varma » excessive, Russian service Yleisradio informs .