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In Transbaikalia the Office of Public Prosecutor has stopped the fact of an embedded advertising of drugs

Office of Public Prosecutor of Karymsky area has inspected observance of the legislation on illegal advertising of narcotics, psychotropic substances or them prekursorov. During it it is established that. In one of shopping centre boutiques « the Rainbow » located in the item Karymsky, the zone belt with a buckle having the image of leaves of hemp was realised, informs a press - service of Office of Public Prosecutor of Transbaikalian edge.

As the assistant to the public prosecutor of Karymsky area Sergey Skubiyov has explained:

- the Accessory settled down on the main show-window of a boutique so not to notice it, considering, besides, large enough image size of hemp (approximately about a palm of the adult person), was problematic.

From item 1 FZ « About narcotics and psychotropic substances » And the list of narcotics confirmed by the governmental order of the Russian Federation, follows that the narcotic cannabis (it hemp or marihuana) is forbidden to a turn in the Russian Federation.

Besides, article 7 FZ « About advertising » the direct interdiction for advertising of narcotics, psychotropic substances and them prekursorov is established.

the Fact of realisation of the given propagandising goods could entail attraction attention of citizens including youth, creating impressions of the ordinary and an acceptability of narcotics that contributes in erroneous representation about security of consumption of drugs – cannabis derivatives, provokes interest to other narcotics, lowers a threshold of danger of narcotics.

Upon the revealed transgressions by the public prosecutor of Karymsky area concerning the individual businessman, realizovyvajushchego the given goods, action about an administrative offence under item 6 has been brought. 13 KoAP of the Russian Federation (illegal advertising of narcotics), besides to the businessman have been brought representation about the requirement immediately to stop realisation of the given goods and not to suppose similar infringements henceforth.

Today Karymsky district court, having considered the decision of the public prosecutor, has considered its proved and has appointed to the individual businessman punishment in the form of the penalty at a rate of 4 - h thousand roubles with confiscation of advertising production (belts).

At the moment, realisation of the specified goods by the businessman is stopped voluntary.