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Basketball: CSKA has suffered the fourth defeat in Euroleague

the Moscow soldiers have lost the fourth of five matches of Euroleague and have appeared in group on last place. The command of Dushko Vujoshevicha has unsuccessfully begun a match and long caught up « Ephesus Pilsen ». In the third quarter of CSKA it was possible, but then owners have broken away again. A definitive bill 86:72 (26:16, 22:19, 15:25, 23:12). Now, to make the way in the following stage to soldiers it is necessary to conquer each match.


Dushko Vujoshevich, the head coach of CSKA:


      I Congratulate colleague Perasovicha on the merited victory. We have begun very badly, have allowed rivals to achieve the big overweight which has helped them to become successful. « ephesus Pilsen » played more distsiplinirovanno and it is command, its basketball players have made 21 goal pass and, in particular, from - for it have shown high percent of hits. We played a part of a match well and could achieve crisis, but during these moments followed competently to operate in protection and to exercise judgement in a throw choice. It was not possible to us neither that, nor another. From this point on each match in Euroleague becomes for us the most important in a season.


Euroleague. Group D


                And                 In                 P                 %

1                 Olympia (Slovenia)                 5                 4                 1                 80

2                 a Panatinaikos (Greece)                 5                 4                 1                 80

3                 Ephesus Pilsen (Turkey)                 5                 3                 2                 60

4                 Armani Dzhins (Italy)                 5                 2                 3                 40

5                 Valencia (Spain)                 5                 1                 4                 20

6                 CSKA (Russia)                                   5                 1                 4                 20