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In Ufa the first-year student has rescued from water the suicide

the First-year student of pedagogical university Alexander Fedulov has made really heroic exploit. One of these days it, risking life, has rescued from water of the sinking person.

- We walked with the friend on November, 17th in the evening on quay White, - the first-year student tells. - suddenly I have heard calls for help which reached from water.

the Young man I do not deliberate has taken off from myself clothes and has plunged into the water. In the street it was dark, therefore Sasha has understood not at once in what napravleniii to it to float. In the light of lanterns it could has considered the sinking guy.

Sasha has swum up and began to drag the guy on coast.

- Water temperature was degree four, - the hero remembers. - the clothes of the sinking guy have typed water and became heavy.

While Alexander was in water, the friend has called in rescue service. The arrived rescuers have pulled out from water and Alexander Fedulov, and the young man who called to the aid. Both young men delivered to base under abnormal condition - saving division 5 and have rendered first aid. First aid and militia have approached on a scene.

As it was found out, in water 17 - the summer guy has appeared with an ulterior motive. To a desperate act he was pushed by one-way love. Besides, the young man was a little drunk. However, having fallen in water, he has understood and has realised all senselessness of the act... Now it is on treatment in 22 hospital, at it the neck and overcooling is hurt.

Alexander Fedulov   on November, 19th in native alma - mater have awarded for a heroic act with the award the Student of our time also have handed over the certificate of honour.

is very decent young man, - rector BGPU of M.Akmully Rail Asadullin responds about the Sachet . - the Worthy example for imitation! From Alexander Fedulov there is an excellent teacher and the teacher. It has made really a man`s act. As our hero admits, it was very much helped by skills and knowledge received in university. (Sasha studies at physical training faculty on a speciality Health and safety ).

Sasha does not consider that has made something heroic.

- I have simply seen the sinking person and have rescued it... So any normal person would arrive on my place, I think. Also I do not consider that it something heroic, - was told by Sasha confused with glory which have fallen down him.