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From lawyers on process on April events there were tactless statements to victims and attempt to politize a situation

As she said, similar messages in Ministry of Justice have arrived the day before. « Lawyers should be depolitizirovany, - has told it the minister. - you have direct functional duties, carry out them, and no more ».

« To us the information that at the first session there were barrackings from lawyers that political show is arranged has arrived. It has provoked response of victims, and they have jumped out on a scene, - has told the deputy minister of justice of Zhyldyz Mambetalieva. - We have talked to lawyers Zaumanom and Izmajlovoj, have told that they should not equal themselves with victims, to fall to their level. We have asked not to give in to provocations and emotions ».  

Besides, the Ministry of Justice has accused lawyers that on their fault there was a failure of judicial session on November, 18th. « We have officially brought the petition, as well as it is necessary, prior to the beginning of the session, no failure existed » - has responded to charges the head of legal clinic « Adilet » Cholpon Dzhakupova.