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Self-locking device from Vologda to Jerusalem - 2

the Self-locking device almost without money Maxim Petrjaev has gone for four thousand kilometres from Vologda. On poputkah it has reached Voronezh, has then reached to Sochi, and there on the ferry has come to Turkey. After Turkey Maxim has moved towards Syria.

Osmanie - Syria

the Heat which killed all Russia in the summer, surprised even the local residents who have got used to the heated sun. I have replaced jeans with bridges. The backpack from it has increased in volume, and to additional weight to it gave water-supplies. Oh what not out of place as practice has shown!

the Dealer water.
a photo: from Maxim Petrjaeva`s personal archive

In such kind, only still all sweaty, I was filled up on police fast to specify a direction to Iskenderun. Me have set, distances of napkins to be wiped, have offered tea and only after that all have explained and at parting even have embraced.

Osmanie - a city small. I expected to leave it on suburb as the road conducted directly on a rising sun. To die on such road it is easy, and to lose the way difficult. Just in case, I periodically stuck to passers-by, have not come across yet on two managers of an average link.

Children undertook to spend me, to us was on the way. By the way, they have appeared   almost my colleagues - in department of education they manage sports. As a result they managed to drag me to themselves for work. Me have again given to drink tea, we long talked. When   I was going to go further, children have planted me in a minibus to Iskenderun, have paid to the driver and have told, that I have taken away delivery to myself. And I even do not know their names.

Syria. Damascus

it was necessary to cross Turkish - the Syrian border as on me taxi drivers have attacked. From all at once otmazalsja proud, learnt in Vologda « lja, shukran » - « no, thanks ». Taxi drivers not at once, but have lagged behind.

a photo: from Maxim Petrjaeva`s personal archive

Soon in one « killed » the machine napodobe « loaves » some guys get and wave from windows to me. The guy has looked out of one window and, about a miracle, has started talking on - anglijski:

- Where it is necessary to you?

- To Haleb. To Damascus. To me all the same.

- How much at you is money?

- At all.

- Why you do not have money?

- I travel without money.

- As you travel without money? How you eat? Where you sleep?

- In the world many good people.

the Guy has turned away to companions, and the consultation in my occasion there has begun. Very soon the guy was put out again:

- Sit down.

- Without money?

justify; > - Yes, without money.

While we went, the guy asked me about Turkey, about Russia, about the purpose of my trip. I have told that the purpose of my trip - to test myself and to be convinced that the world not so is bad, as many think of it. Then Manaf so him called, has asked for me my notebook and has written down there mysterious Arabian letters.

- you Will show on the journey to people that we have written, to you will help, - he has told.

We have arrived to any village, Manaf left together with me, the others have gone further. The new friend has got me in office to the uncle where me have fed huge shavermoj. I such vkusnjatiny in life did not eat!   at parting Manaf has handed over me a package of any chips, chocolates and other meal. Then me have planted in the bus to Damascus.

All this time me looked after, as for the pregnant woman, periodically asking, a leah can help still something. I sat and did not believe that it is all occurs to me! Manaf has sincerely like my idea and has explained to the uncle my travel as certain hadzh.

On their eyes from impecunious mad Russian I have turned to the person who is born forward by idea. And they have believed in it. Also have made everything that was in their forces to help. The world in my opinion has turned over suddenly and became correct and harmonous.


the First impression of Damascus - streets. More precisely the car. About my god how they go?! In five numbers on three strips, continuously signalling and wagging between the same Dzhigits, policemen   all time whistle. Perhaps all of them are stored by the Allah, but I did not see any failure!

In the middle of a mosque - a basilica of John the Baptist.
a photo: from Maxim Petrjaeva`s personal archive

In turn to the Russian embassy I have got to talking with the girl by name of Zhorzhina. She has explained to me that I without fail should take a walk across Damascus, and has very interesting told about an old city.

On my question « How much is all it to visit? » she has told that is very inexpensive, and has suddenly got 200 Syrian roubles with a trifle, has stretched them to me and has asked to take. A pier, it should suffice. People in turn too have started to put to me money. Giving thanks to it I has done a bit of travelling by a taxi, has taken a walk on museums, has bought morozhenku from the goat milk and a little magnitikov.

still Zhorzhina has taught me to speak to Damascus taxi drivers « shagel al - adad » that means « include the counter » also has translated for me mysterious letters which to me has traced in a notebook of Manaf. The inscription said: « This person without money travels from Russia to Jordan. Please, buy to it of meal and help, than can, and let the Allah will help you how you have helped it ». I have not burst into tears nearly.

the Dead Sea

- You on the sea to bathe? - Has begun with me conversation in Russian the local taxi driver.

- Yes.

- 15 dinars.

- I do not have money.

- Gasoline very expensive.

- Money is not present, I a self-locking device travel.

- I do not understand. Gasoline road. Give 10 dinars.

- From what it at you gasoline road? At you it in bulk, even tickets for buses cheap what.

- I do not understand.

- Money is not present.

- And how you will bathe?

It was found out that at the Jordanian coast of the Dead Sea only three arranged well beaches. Bathing there costs about 25 dollars. In other places it is impossible to bathe, but not because it is forbidden, and - that from itself it is necessary to wash off easier salt as - that, and there is nothing.

- Give 7 dinars.

- There is no money.

- My wife Russian, me simply would be desirable you to bring up.

- So bring up.

- Gasoline road. 5 dinars give.

- Even if I will have 5 dinars, I all the same cannot bathe, because I do not have money for a beach.

- Only for you. I will bring you on a beach where there is a small river fresh.

Considering that initially he asked 15 dinars, I or have learnt to bargain, or it is convincing to ache.

When it has landed me, was already at about noon. In the sky a cloudlet, temperature about 37 degrees. The sea. And - and - and!!!

you Come into it, as in a brine: in water around it is visible divorces hydrochloric. You reach a belt and you feel, how the water density starts you to bring down sideways. I did not begin to resist and was tumbled down. As in hot balm. Has laid down on a back and has tried to sink. Vainly! I have tried to sink at least separate parts, but the others foully stuck out from water still above. I have tried to float. Feet plunge into water reluctantly, as well as hands, and swimming reminds the fool in empty pool.

Commemorating shabbata in Jerusalem.
a photo: from Maxim Petrjaeva`s personal archive

After bathing in the sea I pobulkalsja in small river. Small river pure, fresh, small. Too the hot. Has washed off from itself salt and has guessed to throw a head with a towel.

I Have begun to boil, already when got out back on road. Water has ended, and from a heat all before eyes has floated. Has reached road.

any Arabian KamAZ has suddenly stopped. I silently has thrown in it a backpack, has got itself and only then has told « Have gone » and without explanations has given up as a bad job.


In Israel I have stopped in Jerusalem at the children who have emigrated some years ago from Russia. From conversations with them there was an impression that with Arabs there very intense situation. And, all are assured that politicians can quickly resolve this conflict, but do not want, because such state of affairs all is favourable.

These children very much were surprised, when I it told about all those kind people who helped me on the journey.

Kosher « McDonald`s » at the Israeli airport.
a photo: From Maxim Petrjaeva`s personal archive

From Jerusalem I have taken off for Moscow by plane. And when I approached on Vologda, to me have come SMSka from that guy at whom I stopped in Jerusalem: « Max, how are you doing? I was very glad to our meeting. You on much have opened to me eyes. » already houses I have seen the status which it has exposed in Fejsbuke: « the world of the person who has not started up on a threshold the traveller » Is awful;.