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In Murmansk area dolzhnitsa - alimentshchitsa... Has dropped out of a case

More than 180 thousand roubles careless mummy from Apatity has run into debt to the child. One and a half year the woman was wanted. At last - that its place of residence have established. Police officers have visited it. The door was opened by a roommate severjanki and with fair eyes has declared that does not know, where now the girlfriend. And just during this moment, it is direct as in a comedy, dolzhnitsa has dropped out of a case where wanted to sit out before leaving pravoohranitelej. Probably, it has been too hammered by things, and the woman simply was not kept inside.

As a result on the friend a grief - mummies have imposed the penalty in one thousand roubles for the message of non-credible data. And apatitchanka, except the alimony, now owe 2000 roubles more - for absence in department of court enforcement officers when due hereunder and that has not informed   about income reception. Probably, the woman will institute criminal proceedings.

By the way, polar police officers already time faced the debtors who have solved to play in prjatki . So in April of this year the defaulter has disappeared from representatives of the power... In the refrigerator! But it too have found out.