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The Moldavian poet Adrian Peunesku

This morning in 7. 45 after long illness poet Adrian Peunesku has died. The diabetes which he suffered affliction, has called defeat of many bodies, and this night a status of the poet has worsened. Heart has stopped, doctors have been urged to spend resuscitation.

  - Adrian Peunesku was the present great poet, took part in cultural, public and political life of Romania and contributed in exposure   the real face of a mode of Chaushesku, even despite some compromises, - poet Arcady Suchevjanu has noted .

  - Leaving from life of Adriana Peunesku - irreplaceable loss for all Romanian culture, for all scientists of Moldova and Romania.   Adrian Peunesku possessed absolutely original talent, and in some areas - unsurpassed. This person was close to the Romanian people, its many verses remained in memory of people like national creativity , - Maryanna Shlapak has told the vice-president of Academy of Sciences of Moldova, the co-ordinator of Branch public and the humanities.

Adrian Peunesku was born on July, 20th, 1943 in village Kopechen of Beltsky district in Bessarabia (nowadays Moldova), in a family of teachers. The author   more than 50 collections of poetry, publicism and prose. Last time of Adrian Peunesku has visited Kishinev on August, 30th this year on the eve of a national feast “ Limba Noastrΰ cea Romina “. That day the outstanding poet has been selected by the honorary member of Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

In August of this year poet Adrian Peunesku has been awarded the order Republics.   The corresponding decree has signed and. An island of the president of Moldova Mihaj Gimpu.