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Mayor Sergey Sobjanin: « I have nothing against migrants. Let work. They are necessary to a city »

Today, on November, 19th, at traditional operative meeting of the mayor of Moscow with assistants and ministers Sergey Sobjanin has mentioned a subject of migrants. In the beginning the mayor has remembered recent discussion of the program of assistance of employment to inhabitants of Moscow and has blamed the head of department of employment Oleg Neterebsky on a considerable quantity of Chineses in capital.

- For what purpose you have invited this year to work to Moscow of 16 thousand 800 citizens of the Chinese National Republic? And from them only 8 100 for the purpose of labour activity? - Sergey Sobjanin was indignant. - I Read the list: among them managers on trade, ancillary workers, the chief accountant are, engineers...

- the Engineer the Chinese?! - Someone from ministers of the government has not restrained.

- And that you are surprised, you in the Moscow government work for a long time, should know, - Sobjanin parried.

  the Head of department of employment has decided to intercede for Chineses.

- To us there come basically the experts claimed by Muscovites, - Oleg Neterebsky has begun to explain. Are cooks, the master of east medicine, sellers...

- But you in November of 1156 more Chineses have requested! - the mayor was indignant. - the migratory policy should be clear and accurate. We should know, whom we invite and what for. Tomorrow will hang out on the site the list of visitors of experts which you invite in a city on a quota. Hear? Tomorrow!

Oleg Neterebsky silently has nodded.

- I have nothing against migrants, - Sergey Sobjanin has declared, - let they work. They are necessary to a city. But it is necessary to know, how much them and for what go.