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Syktyvkar drivers force down older persons


Yesterday in Sosnogorske a foreign car Mazda - 6 has not made way « to ten » despite the sign requirement, from - for what cars have faced. The driver « tens » a bruise a foot, and tuj the passenger has hurt a thorax and has broken edges. The driver of a foreign car has received a head laceration. In

echerom the same day in Syktyvkar the unknown driver, presumably operating car GAS, moving to domestic territory of the house 83 on Tentjukovsky, has made arrival on the elderly man - the pedestrian who stood on sidewalk at the left. As a result of road accident the pedestrian has received basin crisis.

the woman - the driver of a foreign car of Hende - Getts, near Tentjukovsky is Literally in an hour per the Orbit, 103 has driven into the elderly woman. The grandmother has received a bruise of a thorax and crisis of hips.

in the Afternoon in settlement Zheshart the driver on « to the five » Without the rights moved along the street Gagarin and has not managed to drive. The man has left on « vstrechku » also has faced with the Field - Chevrolet. As a result of failure those who was in « have suffered; to the five »: the driver has received a thorax bruise, and its passenger, 27 summer girl - crisis of bones of a basin.