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In the International day of theatre on a scene Gorkovki there was a rain

the Past week-end theatre-goers enjoyed the next premiere of Gorkovki under the name « the Wife, the mistress, the nurse ». In a leading role &ndas h; the spouse of the governor Larissa Belobrova. It is necessary to tell, such agiotage in theatre cash desks it was not observed for a long time: tickets for new performance of the tonic have bought up for a half-month to a premiere. Besides, as a script writer of the play the well-known director Sergey Bodrov has acted, which itself has offered the product for statement at regional theatre.

- Actors were completely gave to work on performance, - the director - the director, and also the art director of theatre Efim Zvenjatsky admitted.

By the way, usually in the statements Zvenjatsky involves as much as possible actors, and this time on a scene only Belobrova, and also the national actor of Russia Alexander Slavsky, and young, talented actor Valentine Zaporozhets.

actors play Three-hour performance three together

Larissa Dmitrievna has played the woman with a hard lot, in whose life all men, from the father, the stepfather to its ex-husband was brought to it by one misfortunes. Completely in debts from - for the run away spouse - the alcoholic, it is arranged with the nurse to one rich, but to terribly whimsical, rough and petty foreigner who has arrived to Russia.

Unexpectedly grow rich decides to play in home life, having suggested the nurse to become its lawful spouse. However, only for a month, after all then he promises to leave strange, absolutely not clear Russia for it.

Soon heroes understand that have seriously played, but already too late. Unfortunately, history of the Cinderella heppi - endom has not ended. In the end even at the most avaricious on emotion of the spectator in the face of tears, and from - for the rain which has fallen directly on a scene act, becomes even more sad.

In performance « the Wife, the mistress, the nurse » many modern details: from the Chinese masseur before TV advertising
To the tragical ending of the play of spectators brought easy and ridiculous scenes
On the two first representations there was a full notice