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Unknown villains have plundered nevjanskuju Technical supervision inspection

at the Dead of night have got into office nevjanskogo branches gostehnadzora. Persistent bear-hunters, being dripping with sweat, have opened the metal safe with the help gvozdodera and mounts. But money   in it, alas, was not!

Having thrown tools on a floor, thieves have decided not to go ungifted away and umyknuli official forms of technical supervision and an official stamp.   extraction, at first sight, insignificant, but at due quickness criminals can earn and on it. For example, for money will start to register the building technics, giving out the work permit to all who is ready to pay. Or selling transit signs.

to Thieves if to think, the solid large sum has got: Some hundreds coupons - admissions to operation of vehicles, forms of certificates of the tractor operator - the machinist, time permissions to the right of driving, the certificate on pledge check in to the car and other papers behind which many stand in hour turns.

Upon theft in Nevjansky technical supervision criminal case
is brought Tells a press - the secretary of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs on Sverdlovsk area Valery Gorelyh.

- We ask drivers and transport organisations not to buy at unknown persons stolen forms, - tells a press - with the secretary of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Sverdlovsk area Valery Gorelyh. – everything that someone knows about this theft, we ask to call in Nevjansky OVD by phone 8(34356) 2 - 38 - 68.

Malicious irony all this history that night thieves, having cleaned technical supervision office, have actually paralysed organisation work. Have deprived of it, it is possible to tell, all means of subsistence. Without forms and – the main thing – an official stamp officials cannot simply work.