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In Petersburg clean tents for the homeless

Severe winter the Petersburg homeless worried in heating points – the big tents which heated thermal guns. The first point on fifty places close today on quay of the Bypass channel. It has staid four months and has rescued many lives. Conditions there the most simple – numbers of plank beds, pljusovaja temperature, hot meal and the help sotsrabotnikov.

For hundred eighteen days in tent were warmed and five hundred persons who on all have spent five and a half thousand spending the night have eaten almost. Employees of public organisation « the Doss house » have distributed almost twelve thousand portions of meal – on fifty morning and in the evening.

- Some inhabitants of tent became participants of our program on social support in which frameworks lawyers and sotsrabotniki help with protection of the rights, - speak in « to the Doss house ».

the Organization gives thanks to not indifferent inhabitants, donors and volunteers. On offerings bought fuel for thermal guns, dressings, hygiene means, work of persons on duty and sotsrabotnikov was paid.

- the Second point of heating on the Kolomjazhsky prospectus, the house six, will work till April, first, - have specified in « to the Doss house ».