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In Volzhsk to militiamen have given real terms for beating of the passer-by

In police station Andrey Yemelyans delivered at late night, more precisely already at daybreak on November, 8th. The patrol car has noticed the tipsy passer-by in the street Pioneer. The man quite approached under orientation which to militiamen have distributed the day before. Field investigators have suggested volzhaninu to drive with them. Coming back of visitors with the girlfriend Andrey did not burn with the desire to spend night in a monkey house. But here on a gain Yemelyanov`s civil wife has come. She has persuaded the spouse to sit down in the car. Further indications of Michael Shumsky and Paul Panchishkina and the victim disperse. According to a victim, it have roughly pushed in a patrol car. Also the girlfriend there has sat down. Into a building of the Department of Internal Affairs of Yemelyans has come already without it. It have taken away in one of offices. Have clasped on hands handcuffs. On attempt to learn, in what occasion arrest and of what him accuse, has received the answer from perfect abuse. Then it have thrown from a chair on a floor. Have struck a hand on ears, then have broken hands and have forced to the knees. Basically Panchishkin beat. Militiamen demanded nothing   - simply broke a rage. After that a victim have handed over in a jail where it have kept till 10 mornings.

One of militiamen completely denies the fault. A pier, really resulted Yemelyanov in militia. But it, Panchishkin, did not beat him, that has fallen from a chair and has hit about a table corner. Its workmate Shumsky gives already other evidences. Really few times have struck the arrested person on suspicion in knifing volzhanina. But only to that that offended them, threatened with punishment to their families, beshchal to apply receptions of oriental combat sports.

the Court after studying of all demonstrative base was convinced of correctness of words Andrey Yemelyanov.

- Shumsky and Panchishkina recognised as guilty on points « and, » parts   3 articles 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation. The court has sentenced Panchishkina to 5 years of a standard regime penal colony, and Shumsky to three. They have no right the next years to occupy posts in state structures,   - have told « » in a press - service of the Volga city court.

Besides it is necessary to them will fork up. In favour of Yemelyanov from both already former police officers on court have collected on 50 thousand roubles.