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The Magnitogorsk pensioner storing a fighting cartridge, recognised as guilt-free

Today, on March, 28th, presidium of the Chelyabinsk regional court, having considered in a supervising order case of the pensioner of Elizabeth Fominoj, has cancelled a sentence of Magnitogorsk court and has decided « to stop criminal case in the absence of crime structure — owing to insignificance of act ». Behind this formulation it is covered here that: recognised that the grandmother not the criminal, and at last - that it will leave alone.

we Will remind that at a search of apartment of Elizabeth Fominoj (its relative is suspected of a crime), policemen have found a cartridge. It has appeared that the grandmother has found ammunition on a training ground and has saved at home. Then to the pensioner and « have sewed a crime ».

the Right-bank district court of Magnitogorsk for illegal storage of ammunition (p.1 item 222 of the criminal code of Russian Federation) has denounced Fominu by two months of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period of 6 months. The defender did not mind, as two months — it is the minimum term of imprisonment provided by the law. The court too has agreed. The appeal was not.

As informs a press - service of the Chelyabinsk regional court, already after the introduction of a sentence into validity when about business have told mass media, the prosecutor of the region ordered to cancel a sentence as infringement &mdash has been admitted; business was considered by court for lack of the defendant (she was ill and has asked all to solve without it).

a sentence have cancelled, but on new consideration has put have not directed — it have simply closed. According to article 14 of the criminal code of Russian Federation, « is not a crime action though it is formal and containing signs of any act provided by the Criminal code of the Russian Federation, but owing to insignificance not representing to public danger ». The sentence has cancelled Presidium of the Chelyabinsk regional court — It is the higher judicial instance in system of courts of law of the Chelyabinsk area where the judicial certificates which have already entered validity will be appealed against.