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Chineses have found out in themselves substances with Fukushima - 1

In adjoining on Russia severo - east Chinese province Heilongjiang on Saturday   radioactive substances from the emergency Japanese atomic power station « are found out; Fukushima - 1 ».

In the message of local authorities it is noticed that radioactive substances are revealed in air, however their maintenance « extremely slightly » therefore « there is no necessity to take any protective measures ».

we Will remind, on March, 11th in the afternoon in Japan there was a powerful earthquake in magnitude 8. 9. Its epicentre was in 382 kilometres severo - to the east of Tokyo.

Earthquake has called a strong tsunami, in some areas the height of a tidal wave has exceeded 10 metres. The huge wave has covered fields and roads, destroyed apartment houses and buildings, washed off in the sea of the car of a train. In many cities a burnout has begun. Later there were some more powerful tremors in magnitude from above 6,0. Hundred thousand inhabitants of Japan have lost the houses, there are no products and potable water.

the Number of victims grows with each hour. On the last dannymmestnoj polices, pogiblii   were missing more than 27,5 thousand persons.

One of consequences of blow of elements became state of emergency on the Japanese atomic power station « Fukushima - 1 » where problems with system of cooling of reactors have begun, there were explosions and fires. As a result – radiation leaks. The Japanese authorities hastily evacuated ljudejiz 20 - kilometroj zones around AESi have forbidden   flights over station in radius of 30 kilometres.

Later in several areas of the country occurrence in water, air and some products of radioactive elements - in particular has been fixed, iodine and caesium isotopes, passes Interfax.  

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