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With vladimirtsev will take money for protection of their personal data

Today at session of committee on economic policy of Legislative Assembly of Vladimir region the unusual question, concerning protection of personal data of inhabitants of area has been brought up.

To deputies Sergey Filippov, the general director of Open Company " was converted; Vladimirregiongaz . He has told that according to the new federal law on protection of personal data of citizens henceforth Open Company « Gazprom Mezhregiongaz - Vladimir » it will be urged to dispatch bills for gas only in envelopes as these receipts contain personal data: a surname, the initials, the address and quantity living in apartment. The same will be urged to do and other public utilities.

It will lead to additional expenses. By approximate calculations, only Open Company « Gazprom Mezhregiongaz - Vladimir » On purchase of the equipment for packaging of receipts in envelopes it is necessary about 15 million roubles. Clearly that all public utilities will bring these expenses in tariffs.

Deputies have come to a conclusion that it is undesirable, and intend to be converted into the State Duma with the request to change the law so that kommunalshchiki could dispatch receipts without envelopes.