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The missing man half a year has lain in a ditch

On Saturday, on April, 23rd, in the evening around street Pine Rostov - Great in a ditch the casual passer-by has found out a corpse of the man with obvious putrefactive changes. In some minutes on a place already there were police officers and investigatory committee. A body have sent for examination.

the person of the victim has soon been established. It has appeared it 50 - the summer local resident who has completely disappeared in November. The man has been put on the wanted list. As have informed in the Rostov interdistrict investigatory department, on a body of the victim it is not revealed violence traces. That became a cause of death, experts will establish.

- every year in the spring after snow thawing we find corpses of people. For two days it already the third case, - was told by the senior assistant administrator of the Rostov interdistrict investigatory department of SOU SKR across Yaroslavl region Sergey Morozov. - while on the given fact check is spent. Most likely, criminal case will not be. Disappearance of the man initially had no criminal character, probably, it had problems with health. It is found out now by experts.

two days prior to this incident, on April, 21st, in territory of a building site near firm shop « Atrus » in the same place local teenagers have found a corpse of the woman in Rostov. Under the preliminary version, unfortunate has lain under snow long enough time. The person of the woman is not established yet, by sight to it of years 40 - 60, has been dressed in modest winter clothes. A body have sent for examination. Check after which the decision will be accepted is spent dosledstvennaja.
we Will remind that on April, 23rd local children have found a suitcase in settlement Ishnja of the Rostov area, in which there was a dead newborn child (read: « children have found a body of the newborn child In an ancient suitcase »).