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In the Gomel area the peasant has broken into Easter on kvadrotsikle

5 persons were lost and 16 have got wounds in dorozhno - the transport incidents which have occurred in the Gomel area 23 - on April, 24th, Natalia Elistratova has informed the inspector of branch on propaganda and propagation of GAI of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Gomel regional executive committee.

On Saturday evening 25 - the summer driver, ehav on « a Crysler » on village Hotetsky Rechitsky area, on zakruglenii roads has not managed to drive, has left on a roadside and ran into a tree. Was lost 20 - the summer girl - the passenger, the driver with traumas is hospitalised. In the same evening in Kalinkovichah the car has brought down 4 - the summer girl who has suddenly run out from - for standing on the roadside the car. The child with traumas has been taken to hospital.

on April, 24th about o`clock in the morning the car « Tajota - a Corolla » In the city of Vasilevichi of Rechitsky area has driven on 78 - the summer pensioner who in a day from the received traumas has died in hospital. The driver from a scene has disappeared, but the militia has found for it. The originator of failure had appeared 27 - the summer local resident. In the evening here, in Vasilevichah, someone has left on a counter strip and has rammed « Volkswagen ». From blow has suffered 2 - the summer child, and the driver - the originator, having left the car, has disappeared. In the afternoon on Sunday on a line Minsk - Mikashevichi have faced two legkovushki. 25 - the summer driver and 15 - the summer passenger of one of cars were lost, and 6 persons from other car have got wounds.

For Easter, on April, 24th, in 23. 30 driver, operating kvadratsiklom, moving on village Poreche of October area, has not managed to drive and has overturned. As a result of failure the driver was lost on a scene and its passenger with traumas is taken to hospital.

In Gomel this night 20 - the summer driver has not made way « to Nissan » which moved on the main road. From collision « the Japanese » has left on sidewalk, ran into a traffic light and has lighted up. As a result of failure have suffered 26 - the summer driver of Nissan and it 24 - the summer passenger.