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Under Voronezhem as a result of road accident there was a stolen car

In Pavlovsk area on a line   have faced « Opel » and « the Zhiguli ». The driver of a foreign car went for work. On a counter strip has taken off « the six » therefore there was a failure. The driver « the Zhiguli » there and then   has disappeared from a scene, having left the car.

the Driver of a foreign car has waited employees of traffic police and has in detail described the run away motorist. Far to leave   it was not possible to the guy -   inspectors soon it   have detained.

As inspectors, the infringer &ndash have established; the unemployed 21 - summer Bobrovsky`s inhabitant of area. At itself at the guy was not passports,     documents on the car.

- Our employees have contacted colleagues and have found out that in a police station from the owner VAZ - 21063 the statement for stealing has arrived, - have told in a press - service regional GIBBD.   - the Arrested person more than once   it was involved in administrative responsibility for various infringements on roads. Also it has been deprived a driving licence for a period of 18 months.

the Pavlovsk district court has appointed to the young man punishment: administrative arrest for 15 days under article « Management of the vehicle of the driver which was in an alcohol intoxication and the deprived right of driving ». And upon about stealing of the car inspectors find out all circumstances of business. Most likely,   besides administrative responsibility, the reckless driver will involve and to criminal.