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In the World championship on swimming the Ulyanovsk region will act as a duet

national team Structure has been defined by results of the championship of Russia, the past past week in Moscow. The best domestic masters of blue paths competed within six days – from April, 18 till April, 23rd – in pool of capital sport centre « Olympic ».

the National team of our area on the All-Russia ending was represented by five sportsmen: dimitrovgradtsy Stanislav Donets, Cyrus Volodina and Vladimir Brjuhov, and also uljanovtsy Maxim Leshev and Yana Suhodeeva.

Representatives dimitrovgradskoj swimming schools have acted in capital of Russia simply perfectly well. So, for example, Stanislav Donets and Cyrus Volodina have won the right to participate in the World championship, and Vladimir Brjuhov has extracted a vacation package on the World university game.

Stanislav Donets became the first of participants of the championship of Russia, executed the specification for qualification on the World championship. In starting day of competitions in « Olympic » Yury Rajhmana`s pupil has shown in a semifinal heat on a distance of 100 metres on a back result of 54,23 seconds. Next day Stanislav Donets has improved this indicator: having floated a hundred-metre race on a back for 53,96 seconds, our fellow countryman became the champion of Russia! Into a three of prize-winners have entered also the representative of the Penza region Vitaly Borisov and spinist from the modular Rostov region Arcady Vjatchanin. But the qualifying specification for participation in the World championship have executed only Stanislav Donets and Vitaly Borisov. On April, 21st Stanislav Donets has won the second victory in the championship of Russia. This time dimitrovgradets has won « gold » on a distance of 200 metres on a back which has floated for 1 minute of 58,37 seconds. In final day of national championship Stanislav Donets became the silver prize-winner of the All-Russia ending on 50 - metrovke on a back. Alas, but having floated this distance for 25,48 seconds, our sportsman could not execute the selection specification for participation in a world forum in China.

Thus, in the July World championship Stanislav Donets starts on two distances – 100 and 200 metres.

Cyrus Volodina in the championship of Russia in Moscow of medals has not won, but a vacation package on a world forum to China nevertheless has received.

- the Cyrus it is included in structure of Russian national team for participation in the World championship in relay race 4 on 200 metres by freestyle, - has declared « the known Ulyanovsk trainer on swimming Olga Rajhman. – In a national team our sportswoman has made the way, thanks to successful performance on dvuhsotmetrovke freestyle. With result of 2 minutes of 01,7 seconds dimitrovgradka has taken the fourth place.

One more pupil dimitrovgradskoj swimming school – Vladimir Brjuhov – in the championship of Russia in Moscow has won a vacation package on the World university game.

Quite good results have achieved in « Olympic » and the Ulyanovsk swimmers. So, for example, Maxim Leshev has executed the specification « the Master of sports of Russia » on a hundred-metre race a breast stroke. This distance simbirjanin has floated for 1 minute of 05,89 seconds. And Yana Suhodeeva for four seconds has improved a personal record on dvuhsotmetrovke freestyle.