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In Voronezh the man has robed shop in which itself worked

In the Soviet area voronezhets has decided to plunder shop of building materials in which worked as the seller. He has waited, when   its relief will leave home then has used the spare complete set of keys and has got inside.

However in spite of the fact that the malefactor did not break an entrance door, the alarm system has worked. Literally in some minutes employees of private security have approached on shop and have detained the man who already has had time to pull out from cash desk of 1200 roubles.

- I have decided not to take the goods because it is bulky building materials, and I was without the car, - the malefactor admitted to inspectors. - I wanted to rob for a long time this shop, thought that on me nobody will think -   I the.

On the malefactor criminal case for theft.

- the Sanction for the given crime provides punishment in the form of imprisonment till five years, - the senior inspector on especially important issues has informed the OHM 5 Departments of Internal Affairs across Voronezh Paul Kobjakov.