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The president of Tatarstan has urged Tatars to exclude distribution of radical ideas

the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov has urged Tatars to put a maximum of efforts for preservation of national identity and has promised in it all-round support. Training Tatar to language, is considered by him, should go in different directions - both in a family, and in educational institutions, and in mosques.

- Tatars - the second for number, after Russian, the nation in Russia, and it is very important to us to save unity of Tatars on the basis of identity of language, traditions, customs, cultures and religions, - the head of republic at session « has underlined; the World congress of Tatars ».

the Religion plays large role in preservation of national identity. But us disturbs that now mosques in regions of Russia pass into strange hands which not so - that aspire to save our, Tatar traditions, traditions of our ancestors. It is necessary to pay to this attention - he has told.

According to the head of republic, Islam - a basis of the Tatar culture, and it is impossible to suppose in this religion of any, alien currents from the outside informs « Interfax ».