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For service in RVSN it will be Already necessary to pass the lie detector

since 2011 all military men of Rocket strategic forces (RVSN) to be checked by means of the lie detector and the test - the systems defining a drug addiction.

Official representative RVSN Vadim Koval has declared that testing will be spent by means of a polygraph the Barrier - 14 and the test - systems on a drug addiction, alcoholic dependence, the criminal past or the present, corruption and propensity to a suicide.
This procedure will concern also entrants military - educational institutions and the educational centres.
staff Testing... It will be carried out with the following periodicity: two times a year - staff of divisions of protection (100 %), annually - on arrival of graduates of high schools, the military men involved in execution of fighting watch, service with the weapon - Koval has told.
the Civil personnel will pass check under the command decision, informs RIA News .