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In these hours the destiny of the next historical building

Supporters of movement « dares; Arhnadzor » since eight mornings of today protect from actions of builders a historical building to the address the Big Yakimanka 15/ 20.

exactly six years ago there was a question on a pulling down of the profitable house constructed on a boundary 19 - 20 centuries architect Feodor Kolbe. Then the cultural heritage department recognised that, despite lacking the official status « a culture monument » the house on Yakimanka – « the original and rare sample sredovoj buildings of Moscow ». Officials then have unanimously told: « about building dismantle cannot be and speeches ».

One week ago the pulling down of the profitable house has begun.

In « Arhnadzore » have told that builders refer to presence at them warrant OATI (Association administratively - technical inspections) on partial dismantling of a building. But a hitch that the house of architect Kolbe is in the historical centre (a zone of strict regulation of building) and before to spend here any works, it is required to obtain the permit from the commission on preservation of objects of a cultural heritage of the government of Moscow and the permission of Moskomnasledija. By data « Arhnadzora » the builder did not spend any coordination with anybody. So, the warrant is illegitimate, and actions on a pulling down – are completely illegal.

Builders have tried « to calm » active workers of movement: the pier, under documents, after partial dismantling at a building will be saved a facade. But a leah you represent clothes without the person inside or a dummy, as a last resort? The house facade is not taken in a skeleton and hardly will resist.

Under the pressure of social movement and police the builder all - taki has suspended works by Saturday on April, 23rd, but today on a building site is again crowded and noisy. Intervention of Department of a cultural heritage is necessary. But, as practice shows, even the help of the authorities does not guarantee definitive cessation of work. As a rule, the sensation and also &ndash suddenly comes to an end; suddenly – on a place of a historical building in schitannye months appears new « a box ».    

Active workers x have informed editions that, despite the promise to suspend all works and not to start to   to a pulling down earlier 17 - 00 Mondays, x on a platform   has rustled in the afternoon