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The Petersburg submariners have interceded for the defendant of the commander of a boat “ the Seal “

In Vladivostok litigation on the case of tragedy on the submarine « has begun; the Seal » in November, 2008. After unapproved operation of system pozharotushenija in compartments the mix of freon and poisonous tetrahloretilena has poured out. As a result of failure twenty persons were lost and twenty one has poisoned. On a bench of Pacific naval court – the commander « Seals » Dmitry Lavrentev and trjumnyj the machinist foreman Dmitry Grobov. Them accordingly accuse of excess of powers of office and death causing on imprudence.

Seamen quite often voiced claims to a consequence. In one of references of the Vladivostok Sea meeting have directly specified that originators of state of emergency – founders technically imperfect « Seals » and the captain of the first rank Lavrentev operated strictly under documents. Two weeks ago Sankt was connected to process - the Petersburg club of seamen - submariners which has a similar experience of business management on sunk « also; to Kursk » and To - 159.

- At the desire of messmates of commander Lavrenteva the initiative group of experts of various profiles has gathered, - has explained to the correspondent « the chairman of club Igor Kurdin. – the Data of independent expert appraisals it is separated with conclusions of the investigation. Judging by that speak, a cause of the tragedy – wrong concentration of substances in a mix. At least, seamen could avoid such sudden and mass  destruction. Protection of the commander will insist on carrying out of additional researches within the limits of process. I think, any scientifically - the research institute will listen to conclusions of our experts.

Igor Kurdin: “ To the data of our experts, perhaps, any scientific research institute " will listen;
Alexander ERMAKOV

Petersburg submariners underline that interfere with action of proceeding strictly within the limits of the law. Besides the technical help, the club holds communication with lawyers and plans fund raising for fee of one more lawyer.

In spite of the fact that in business it is a lot of documents under a signature stamp « confidentially » process will spend with jurymen.

It is good, seamen - submariners want the maximum openness, - Igor Kurdin has informed. – And the commander of a boat is not afraid of a public estimation.

Following session will spend on May, 20th, and in two days will begin selection « national » judges.